Your UAVs with Cameradojo

  • Two special aspects when using UAVs for your photography
  • Depth and diversity secured after using unmanned aerial vehicles
  • Special AVs available at

Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) abound at These gadgets, also known as drones, improve your camera angles, in particular bird’s eye view, when presenting your photos. See more UAV at

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But why use UAVs, in the first place? What makes it so special over other gadgets? Well, the answer to that might be varied, but most would agree that these UAVs make your photography presentation a notch higher compared to others.

Why? Two things: diversity and depth.

Yes, the idea of diversity is so palpable with these UAVs. With so many possible angles that you can choose at your disposal, what with the flexibility of these drones in terms of position and perspective, diversity is almost a given matter. And because of it, you produce pictures that take your viewers on a journey. See more UAV at, and discover more about this diversity.

Depth is also a thing with Cameradojo. Since you have so many options as far as angles are concerned, it goes without saying that depth is the next sensible thing to explore. The idea of developing that character aspect in your photo is something only professionals are capable of achieving. But with the help of these UAVs, though, that effect is easily incorporated. See more UAV at and see if you can create your own depth in relation to your photos.

So, what are you waiting for? See more UAV at today and make that diversity and depth a part of your routine when capturing scenes with your UAVs.

Now you might be in dearth of gift ideas for a photographer, but how about giving these unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) a thought? Sure enough, this gadget is way better than the rest of these photography equipment around, but just think of the many options that you can have with your images through these UAVs.

Unmanned aerial vehicles are like iherb discount codes at They improve your chances of securing the best health supplement online if you have these codes, in the same manner that these UAVs increase your ability to produce cool if not quality images in the process. Cameradojo is making things easier for you.

There’s no other site online that offers you the best UAVs there is. And with Cameradojo, you use a drone and get two in return: depth and diversity.

Reviews and Lightroom Photo Editing

  • Free reviews for your photo editing needs
  • Making improvements on your photo editing through these reviews online
  • All the information you need when it comes to photo editing

Yes, you can read reviews online about photo editing, but if you can read them for free, that is something new. Most of the time, you can read these comprehensive reviews so long as you are subscribed to the page. Otherwise, there’s no way you can have these reviews, in the first place.


That’s exactly what this free photo editing lightroom review is all about. Now you have some sort of unlimited access to the best photo editing reviews online. And this is the kind of photography literature that you need for that editing process.

Do not, in any way, disregard the things you can get from these reviews, because most of the time, the items discussed in these pieces are tips on how to expedite your editing without altering most of the elements of your photo. And you wouldn’t think you could have that with this free photo editing lightroom review.

When you read these reviews, you are more or less getting into the minds of these experts, seasoned photographers, who have years of experience editing and enhancing these images. Plus the fact that you get a glimpse of the latest gadgets in town.

What an advantage, really, if you can have this free photo editing lightroom review the moment you tinker on your photograph. It is a type of editing that allows you to produce more photos in so short a time, quality photos, nonetheless, the likes of which you would normally see in some glossy magazines and trendy websites.

These are what you would expect from a free photo editing lightroom review, and what lightroom has in store for you always.

Great Microsoft Word Resume Templates

  • Templates to use for your resume
  • Clean resume templates, courtesy of Microsoft Word
  • Different types of resume highlighting job experience, skills and special talents

Sending the appropriate resume is always crucial to employment. In fact, if your resume is not generating any response, in most cases, your chances of getting hired is so slim, if not, negative. So, needless to say, your resume is the determining factor why you are hired or not.


But don’t worry, there are so many Microsoft word resume templates that you can get online. These templates make your resume writing so easy, it is as if you are making your initial report to your first day on the job.

These Microsoft word resume templates come in with diversified styles, meaning, they have different forms, designs that you can choose from, depending on the work you applied for, or the type of presentation that you want through your resume.

There are resumes that highlight your job experience, your skills, your talents, you know-how, and even your achievements. For every expertise that you got, there is a corresponding template for that. So it is safe to say that using these Microsoft word resume templates brings out the best in you, even if you are not yet on your first day on the job.

Thanks mainly to these templates, you can now enhance your resume writing in so many ways. Creating that first impression is not that difficult at all with some help from these Microsoft word resume templates.

Get these templates now, use it, and get hired sooner than later. Be skillful also when presenting your resume. Remember, your resume is supposed to be an extension of yourself. Your future employer will be able to see your personality through that resume you submitted. And you can achieve that only with these Microsoft word resume templates.

Creating Great Wedding Photos with Free Presets

  • Enhancing your wedding pics like a seasoned photographer with Lightroom
  • Free presets for you to download and use for your wedding photography
  • A variety of effects to choose from out of using Lightroom presets

Enhancing your wedding pics free was unheard of in the past. We usually seek the help of a professional photographer every time we make enhancements with our photos. Today, however, that is not the case anymore. With these free Lightroom presets for wedding photos, you can actually do some editing and enhancing all by yourself.


Photo editing is so convenient nowadays that you can do the editing in the comfort of your own room. No need to go out and huddle with a photographer the kind of effect you want with your wedding pics. You can edit it yourself with the help of these free Lightroom presets for wedding photography.

All Access

Yes, you need not spend a lot of resources to be able to come up with beautiful wedding photos. You can get the tools, presets, workflow, or actions, for you to create effects that will literally generate a barrage of “likes” online. Since you can now get these presets free online, there’s no excuse anymore why you can’t enhance or improve your wedding photos.

Effective Effects

From vintage to black and white to HDR, these are the kind of presets that you can incorporate in your wedding pics. How awesome it would be if you can use these presets for your wedding photographer. That is more or less giving your wedding photo images the necessary boost, other than presenting them without any enhancements at all. With these free Lightroom presets for wedding photos, though, you will get the appropriate effect for that particular wedding photo.

Be the photographer you’ve always wanted to be with these free Lightroom presets for wedding photography. Who knows, you will eventually gain a lot of following online as the next best artist when it comes to wedding photography, and all because of these free Lightroom presets that you have downloaded.

The Art of Lightroom Presets

  • Artsy effect on your photo via Lightroom presets
  • Free presets online you can use on a daily basis through Lightroom
  • Editing photos like a photographer using Lightroom presets

Enhancing a photo is an art. Aside from considering all the angles and color scheme of your photo images, you also have to consider the tools used when enhancing your pictures. That’s where Lightroom comes in.

LR16Lightroom offers presets for the enhancement of your pictures. These Lightroom presets have the tools for you to achieve specific effects on your photographs. These effects allow you to present your photos the way you want it to be.

That’s where the art photo enhancing lies, if you can enhance your photos after your own heart, after your own choice. But that is something these Lightroom presets want you to have, getting that kind of effect that suits your style.

Not all photo-enhancing tools can go artsy with your photographs. That’s the reason why these Lightroom presets are a treasure to keep because it offers a varied list of creative presets that are nothing short of artsy on your photographs.

And they are easy to access online. No need for you to make justifications why you cannot create stunning photos because you can get these presets free online. It’s only a matter time before you can produce photos that perk up the imagination of your viewers.

So don’t waste time now and get these Lightroom presets for your precious photos. Give them the necessary enhancements that they deserve, and eventually putting a smile on your viewers’ faces.

Let’s admit it, these Lightroom presets enables you to become a professional photographer, capable of churning out photos that can be published on those glossy magazines and fashion websites. Be the photographer you’ve always dreamed of.

Let that artist in you come out through these Lightroom presets. Who knows these presets might be your ticket to a career in photography. And what a way to start that career with these Lightroom presets.

The Quickest & Easiest Way To Use Photoshop Actions

  • This article will teach you the quickest and easiest way to install Photoshop actions.
  • There are several ways on how to get Actions
  • Photoshop has now Actions to help you with your workflow. 

Have you ever thought of buying another editing software because you are too tired and exhausted modifying images in Photoshop? Or do you wish Adobe will create another Photoshop tool that will help you speed up the entire editing process? Well, you can celebrate and be happy at the same time because Photoshop has now Actions to help you with your workflow.  In this article, I will teach you the quickest and easiest way to install Photoshop actions.


There are several ways on how to get Actions, you can either download or purchase free or paid actions online. Moreover, there are a lot of photoshop actions made for photoshop bundles scattered around online, however, you need to be very careful when downloading it as some collections are unpolished and not worth the dime.

How to Install Photoshop Actions manually?

Once you’ve decided which actions to purchase or download online, back it up somewhere, either in your PC storage or hard drive. Then open the folder of your action that contains .ATN files, double click it to start the process.

Installing actions in Photoshop is very easy as most actions online are compatible with the program. When you double click the file you’ve downloaded, it will be automatically installed in Photoshop’s interface. But, if the actions won’t work, you can do a manual installation.

Manual Installation of Actions

The first thing to do is to secure that your Actions Palette is open and working. You can do it by choosing Window in Photoshop’s interface, then click Actions.  Mark Actions as checked and a new pop-up window will appear.

A new actions window will appear giving you tons of options of using Photoshop actions, find the load action button and click it.

By now, your Photoshop actions are ready. You can use it to your images anytime you want.

Lightroom in Black and White

Many photo addicts are still using black and white as color motive for their pictures. For reasons only artists and designers are capable of understanding, black and white images are still a powerful tool as far as delivering a message through photos are concerned.


You would notice that on various instances black and white photos are more evocative compared to modern ones because it has more meaning in it. Sometimes prominent features in a colored photo are not that highlighted because it is buried under the heavy of use of color, but with black and white, you can heighten such features either through the excessive use of black or white hues.

Photos of Marilyn Monroe and even James Dean until now still command a high place in photo lore. And that has something to do with the effect of its black and white undertones. The effect of it would be a bit stilted if such photos were presented under a fog of different colors.

Legends are made through these black and white images, but you can always have this effect with Lightroom 6 presets. It has a list of black and white presets with varying degrees of effect for you to experiment with, so you can post pictures online and with that legendary feel of a Monroe or larger than life figure of a Dean.

With Lightroom 6 presets, you can use “Sharp Black $ White Lightoom Preset” or the “Black and White Lightroom Preset” or the “Mini Enlighten”, depending on the tone, texture and temperament of your black and white masterpiece.

Black and white never runs out of style no matter how modern society has become. It still has a place in modern photography, despite its attachment to history. It is still a powerful way to convey a message through your photo, even if it is done in black and white.

Download these presets now and attain that legendary status only a black and white photo can stand and deliver.

Exploring Adobe Lightroom Mobile Application

We are all aware about how Lightroom became popular and the best photo editing tool in the market. But, we overlooked other services Lightroom has offered such as the Adobe Lightroom mobile version. For most photographers, this mobile application is their lifesaver. Whenever they need to modify or sync images from other devices, they can easily make changes with Lightroom mobile. Moreover, Adobe Lightroom presets can be installed and synced to and from Adobe mobile application.

LR MOBILEFew months ago, Adobe has finally decided to make Adobe Lightroom mobile application a free standalone photo editor. Which means it can be downloaded and installed in Google play and in IOS App store for free.

Unlike before wherein users can only use Lightroom on PC desktop, Adobe’s newest upgrade includes free service of Lightroom mobile version. You can modify, create video and image presentations, and create Adobe Lightroom presets straight from your mobile Lightroom application. However, you can still expect more bugs and issues since Adobe is still in the progress of making things better and accessible to both IOS and Android users.

What’s great about Lightroom mobile is you don’t have to enter an ID to use it. All you have to do is download the mobile application, connect and sync your images, and start modifying your images. Lightroom mobile also contains facial recognition, useful filters and more.

But, at the meantime, Android users are unable to access the full version of Lightroom mobile because Adobe is still working on Android related issues. Furthermore, Adobe Lightroom mobile is one of the fastest and growing photo editing app in 2015 for IOS.

To end this review, we want to remind you that Adobe Lightroom can be downloaded for free in IOS App store and will soon have the full mobile version in the Android operating system.

Why Photographers Need Photoshop Actions

Any photographer who knows his craft always pay attention to details. They do not settle for less. They would go the extra mile of enhancing their photos that would enable their viewers asking for more. They would present these photos with the intention of grabbing the attention of everybody.

legs-1031318_960_720But since the arrival of these free Photoshop actions for photographers, these photos has enjoyed enough exposure online that many are downloading Photoshop actions for them to have that same effect over there images.

Photoshop actions bring so much to your photos. This photo app can create a ton of effects over your photos and you can even compartmentalize them in folders. It has the tools to bring about that desired mood you want with your images.

It is so flexible and interactive in that you can turn a potentially flat representation of yourself into a dynamic image that resembles that of magazine photos and billboards. And mind you, these free Photoshop actions for photographers are there online for the taking.

Pictures with frostbite feel, with a marshmallow effect and even enhancing the tone of your skin are samples of what Photoshop actions can do to your photos. Details matter with Photoshop actions.
It is an easy-to-use app any photo addict can experiment with its ready features. It is hard to believe even that seasoned photographers are also into it, acknowledging the fact that these Photoshop actions can do many things with their photos. And it is so convenient because you can do the enhancing at your pace and in so short a time.

Why Go for Brushes and Presets for Your Photos

The idea of enhancing your photos without the aid of a professional photographer is unprecedented in many ways. To present or publish them with all these enhancements can be advantageous, especially if you are trying to sell a product or promote an event, it will even put you ahead of the game as far as marketing your product goes.

camera233That is how Lightroom (LR) Fanatic works with your photo images. In fact, it has a great LR Fanatic list of Brushes and Presets in Lightroom available online. And you can either download these presets free or pay for it, but it has the tools to enhance your photos the way professional photographers do.

It enhances your photo in one click. That is how convenient Lightroom is to users. In olden times, that process usually undergoes the mechanisms of a dark room, where you have to wait for hours before you can actually see the development of your actioncam images.

With Lightroom brushes, moreover, you can make specific changes in so short a time, changing the texture or even changing the mood of it from its original aura. Brushes are perfect for portraits because it allows you to intensify certain features of a face to make it more prominent and presentable.

The fall season is a regular fixture with Lightroom presets. There’s color in fall, where leaves literally fall to the ground, creating a nostalgic effect. However, if that mood brushes itself under a Lightroom preset, the effect of it would be that it would take you lands away.

This photo app has a list of cool editing features for you to explore and experiment. You can make a film effect, a summer look, and even incorporating pastel options on your images.

So check out this great LR fanatic of brushes and presets in Lightroom online. You can even watch their tutorials so you will have a better view of your photos as soon as you use these tools.

Enough of seeking help with a professional photographer; it will save you so much time and effort if you can have this collection on your PC or Mac. Remember, LR fanatic is compatible with Lightroom 4, 5 and 6.

Start experimenting with Lightroom Fanatic now and become a fanatic of the app like many of photo professionals and enthusiasts, who has been using it for their website and social media accounts.