A List of Good Presets for Your Wedding Day

Walking down the aisle of your wedding day is one of the most thrilling moments of your life. And because of its significance, you wanted to make sure that everything is in place, from your pre-wedding activities to your post-wedding plans, every single detail should be coordinated for you to have the best wedding there is.

Speaking of post-wedding plans, your photos, which serves as the culmination of your wedding activity should also have its own preparation. And what better way to prepare these photos than attaching them to a list of good free Lightroom presets.

pe5There is a premium of Lightroom presets for wedding photos available online. Depending on your preference, these presets have the tools to enhance your wedding pictures in a way that fits your mood, activity or expression. Lightroom is a photo app that brings out the beauty and wonder of your wedding photos.

Let us take a cursory look at some of these wedding presets on the web, so you may know what type of presets you want to use for that wedding moment you’ve always dreamed of.

As in the case of this 20 Wedding Photography V-2 Presets. It contains 20 Lightroom presets you can use on your photos, each specific to the kind of detail on your photo. This preset is compatible with JPEGs, RAW and PNGs. You will have a support guide also for you to install the said app and its corresponding usage.

Here’s a video on how to install Lightroom presets:

Another wedding preset is the “Bright Skin Adobe Lightroom Preset”, which makes your photo flawless, perfect for softening up those roughshod edges on your images. Bright Skin is a favorite of professional photographers because it enhances images by brightening blurry portions of such images.

“Summer Lightroom Preset” is another preset that is suitable for wedding activities, especially those conducted on open spaces. This Lightroom preset gives vibrancy a whole new meaning in that it exudes that summer feel, which makes it warmer than ordinary photos.

Or, you can try the “August Breeze” for your wedding images. This preset gives your photos that dreamy look, ideal for exuding that warmth associated most of the time with wedding moments.

A list of good free Lightroom presets for your wedding concerns is already there online, all for your taking. You can experiment even with its portrait bundles, brushes and vignettes.

You need not worry anymore on how to go about your photos after saying “I do”, all you really need now is to have a list of good free Lightroom presets on your pc or Mac, and you are on your way to a fruitful photo-enhancing union, your images and Lightroom presets.


Putting “Actions” On Photos through Photoshop

photographyPresenting your photographs in a conventional way is quite an infraction online. And never make the mistake even of posting it twice on your social media account. If so, you will lose your audience, in as much as you begin to see too many “unfollows” on Twitter because of that dull photo.

You’ve always wanted to have that effect on your viewers online, either catching their attention or generating more “likes” through your photos. Well, that concern is now a thing in the past.

Adobe Photoshop is just the software you need. And you can even put “actions” into your photos through these image-editing Photoshop actions for photographers.

This app allows you to record tasks as “actions” while repeating such steps to complete the task. Aside from recording these photos, you can also import actions, delivering a list of effects as well as timesaving options (either through your old CS or through the latest Creative Cloud version).

Whether you are a professional photographer or a mere photo enthusiast, this action brings out the best of your flat images online. And they are always free and downloaded.

These Photoshop actions for photographers work in a variety of ways. It enables you to:

Create a Mood

As in the case for “Hazy Afternoon”. It creates a soft gradient layer on your photo. Your linear image is enhanced in a way to conjure a kind of mood (especially outdoor pictures) that will have a profound effect on the viewer.

Brighten Everything

Especially with “Teeth Whitening”. This Photoshop action is so dynamic that it even highlights details of a tooth without losing its resolution. These photos usually appear grey or yellowish when it is light deficient, but with this Photoshop action, your teeth will not only look white, but they appear clean as well.

Paint the Town Red

With “InfraRed Technology”, you add an eerie touch to your photo with a cool infrared chill. This action brings out two layers of hues (red and blue) for adjustments, as well as creating a contrast to the said image.

These are some of the “Actions” available for you to experiment and download. Results will vary depending on the effect you want, but they create extraordinary photos in the process.

In a way, this Photoshop action allows photographers to program photo sequences for efficiency. With its tools, you can save time because it has own storing system. But adding dynamics and drama into still images is what makes this Photoshop action one of a kind.